WWE UK Shows Arent All That Scary (From the archives of SSitR)

This episode comes from the days when our wrestling content was part of the Saw Something Scary podcast!

So yeah, as the title indicates, when the WWE goes to the United Kingdom there isn't a whole lotta scary going on.  Yes, Finn was there (the non Demon King version) and so was Bray but nothing scarier than Dean Ambrose talking for 15 straight minutes went down.

That doesn't mean there isn't noteworthy stuff to discuss in the broader wrestling universe - including NXT's Aleister Black, Alexa Bliss, and - of course - Braun-StRoman-Reigns.

So you won't be seeing something particularly scary in the ring this week but you'll get plenty of discussion about the world of the squared circle.  And please let us know what you think about the episode - on Twitter, or by leaving us a review on your favorite podcasting service.

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