Baron Corbin Can't Think Good

This has been a rough week - not only were their riots in the streets but, as if that wasn't enough, Ric Flair's illness hangs like a dark cloud over pretty much everything (Get well soon Naitch!).

That doesn't mean, however, that some interesting stuff hasn't been happening in the world of the squared circle, most notably that Baron Corbin apparently has go away heat with WWE creative. But of course there is more - we're on the road to Summerslam so everything is ramping up: Paul Heyman spits fire, Braun Strowman threw someone over the top rope with his mind, and there are reports of a Demon sighting.  Oh yeah, I guess Dean and Seth are official now too.

Hit that download button, press play - it's time for this week's Mega Podders Download!

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