Bonus! WWE Fantasy Draft Mega Podders Style

Since there continue to be rumors of another WWE Superstar Shakeup we decided to go on the record about how we'd split up the rosters.

Everyone loves a fantasy draft and this one is a fun one.  No less than three picks nearly caused the Mega Podders to explode. 

Monday Wright Raw vs. Derik Zoo Live head to head and we collaborate to fill out NXT to make it a legitimate third brand.

Several surprises here including not one but two current WWE title holders go undrafted.  Sure, you can guess the first but you'll need to listen to find out about the second.  When you get done lets us know on Twitter or Facebook about what you thought of the episode, whose roster came out more appealing, and where we blew it.

Oh yeah - as a bonus bonus you'll get some miscellaneous news that we weren't able to fit into last week's episode.

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