John CTEna

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So how about that Cena / Nakamura fight, huh?  This week the Mega Podders set up a GoFundMe for Cena's next neck surgery.  You can tweet your support using the hashtag #cantCTEme

In all seriousness this was a pretty good week of free wrestling, even considering the uneven Raw we got Monday night.  In this episode you'll hear Derik and Jeff addressing:

The most likeable moment of Cena's in-ring career
Whether or not we'll ever get a John Cena vs. Roman Reigns match
A prediction of who is behind the assault on Fandango and Breeze 
The latest installment of As the Owl Turns featuring a possible Woken Hardy future

Hit download, press play, and lets get started on the best way to finish up your work week!

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