JBL is gone!  Big Show is gone?!  Any hope for Roman-on-the-mic is gone?  Jeff Jarrett is gone [from GFW].  Sasha and Dolph soon to be gone (note: rank speculation)?   Any remaining interest in Finn Balor vs. Bray Wyatt is definitely gone.  In stark contrast, however, the Sexy Star self-destruction is most definitely not gone.

 In this episode you'll get the pro-wrestling review you've come to love from The Mega Podders Download! Wrestling Show.

What Vince should do with K.O. next week
How Dolph's problems are of his own making and how WWE can still fix him
The clear and present danger in bringing The Ronda Rousey Wrecking Crew in

Big week in wrestling.  Put the perfect ending on it with the latest episode from The Mega Podders!

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