Kevin's Heaven

This week the Shiel got their Big D back then Sami and KO reached perfect OTP.

Pardon us... it got a little dusty in The Mega Podders lair.  So is this Feel Spot heaven?  No, it's Kevin's Heaven.  And if it isn't Derik Zoo's heaven too it's at least his best possible timeline.

That doesn't mean everything was coming up rosy in the WWE Universe - the Flagship is still way too petty (just ask Jimmy Jacobs) and The King may very have left the purple-roped building (or not?  Its so confusing...) - but lets give the Zayn/Owens shippers their moment.

Here's what's queued up in the latest, realest, and raw-cut Mega Podders Download!

Hell in a Cell Review
1) Usos/New Day
2) Jinder retains
3) Ziggler/Roode, Women’s match, US title
4) TEAM FRIENDSHIP! And Shane McMahon is insane
5) Poll Results and Grades

Raw Reax
1) The Shield is back and facing Brauny BarMizfa @ TLC.
2) Episode 2 of Wyatt’s Motel 
4) All the Woman Get in the Ring and Do Stuff (aka the Jeff Wright Special)
5) Kalisto wins!   ??!  ???!  ????
6) Poll

Smackdown Smarkdown 
1) Best Smackdown Ever! No Jinder Mahal!
2) Baron Corbin must be out of the doghouse
3) Bobby Roode forgot his lines – HORRIBLE SEGMENT
5) 2B – Bludgeon Brothers – LUKE HARPER
6) Smackdown Poll – Amazing – 20%, Good – 30%, Okay – 30%, Dumpster Fire – 20%

Odds and Ends 
1) Say it ain’t so Neville
2) Jimmy Jacobs the latest victim of WWE pettiness
3) Jim Cornette/Santino Marella/Jim Cornette’s Louisville Slugger
4) Impact/Anthem launches Global Wrestling Network – cue the crickets?
5) Happy Birthday and Rest in Peace Dream

Time to Go Home

MVPs of the Week from Jeff and Derik

So what are you waiting for?  Hit play and lets get to it!

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