Derik and Jeff Were Sent Home for Behavioral Issues

Say it ain't so Sami and K.O.!

For real - if Sami and K.O. get cut SDL becomes A.J. and Shinsuke as Mad Max and Furiosa in just as desolate a landscape.

But let's not focus on the negatives! Jericho and Omega is happening!  A.J. Styles has the title he deserves and SDL has the champion it needs... at least for a little while!  Are we going to see The Shield versus The New Day?!?

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Top 5 - 1:52
1) Chris Jericho challenges Kenny Omega for Wrestle Kingdom 12
2) AJ Styles wins WWE Championship
3) Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn sent home from UK Tour
4) John Cena & Jason Jordan named fifth and final members for Teams Smackdown & Raw respectively
5) The Bar beats the Shield for Raw Tag Titles - setting up New Day/Shield at Survivor?

Raw Reax - 34:20
Poll Results
1) Pete Dunn debuts on Raw, destroys Enzo
2) Sasha Banks & Bayley beat Alicia Fox and Nia - Sasha named to Raw Women’s Team
3) Finn Balor/Samoa Joe have an exceptional match - crappy ending - both named to Team Raw
4) all the rest

Smackdown Smarkdown - 41:26
Poll Results
1) Is Jey Uso hurt?
2) Becky Lynch beat James Ellsworth
3) wrong kid died - Kofi beat Sami, Rusev lost to Orton
4) all the rest

Odds and ends - 48:20
1) Today is Chris Jericho’s 47th Birthday
2) Today also marks 20 year anniversary of Montreal Screwjob
- Bonus discussion: Is Hulk Hogan a Top 5 Professional Wrestler All-Time?

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