Raw Reaction to Raw 25 + Royal Rumble 2017 Prognostication + 1992 Royal Rumble Alternative Commentary

Wow, those online reactions to Raw 25 were savage, weren't they?  So what's legit and what's too far?  Let The Mega Podders help you sort it out!  Miz is back as the Intercontinental Champion (Yay!!!).  What does that mean for Roman Reigns and... *gulp*... this year's Royal Rumble?  Don't worry - The Mega Podders have your back here too!

As a bonus we're bringing back the alternative commentary section, this time for 1997's loaded-with-the-potential-of-destiny Royal Rumble.  Gather round for Glenn Jacobs post-Yankum and pre-Kane, an early appearance from a fresh-faced Rocky Maivia, and the beginnings of something new from Steve Austin that looks pretty promising too.  That segment begins around the 40:00 mark so get your WWE Network queued up while you listen to the earlier portion of this Mega Podders Download!

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